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Horizon Power and Light offers you customized services:

  • Analysis
  • Tailored proposals
  • Top notch customer care
  • Regional expertise

With a copy of your bill from your current electricity provider, we can analyze your usage, provide suggestions and customize a service plan that will save you money on your electricity bill.


Here is what happens when you choose a new electricity supplier:

  1. Shop. Compare Horizon's low prices to your current provider's rates and see the savings.
  2. Enroll. Sign up with Horizon and begin saving money as soon as your next meter read date following a successful enrollment. You will receive a letter from your utility confirming your request to change providers.
  3. Relax. Once your rate is locked in, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving price protection from rate increases.


Are you a Broker?


We offer Brokers, Consultants and Agents a competitive plan designed to strenghen the broker channel relationship. Our experienced staff is ready to assist your every need.

  • Strict processes and procedures provide accurate quotes and timely service.
  • Our team of dedicated, professional sales team is always available to assist you.


Interested Brokers may email: sales@hplco.com